“Boy or Girl” World Premiere Edition!!!

October 20, 2011 at 1:21 pm

Hi everyone! Sadie Paxson here!

We all have our little “quirks” and “secret talents”. Me, I’ve always had a special knack for predicting the gender of celeb babies!

Weird, right? But ever since I told my best girlfriend that “I had a feeling” Susan Sarandon’s first baby was going to be a sassy little girl, my “sixth sense” has been right more often than not!

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Jessica Simpson: Jessica Simpson had a tough time in the press when she wore those “mom jeans”…little did they know that someday she’d be an actual mom! Jessica’s dad was such a strong influence on her life, and he’ll be over the moon when he meets his strapping baby grandson.

Beyonce Knowles: One of the most fearless female entertainers of our day, Beyonce has been a role model for countless little girls. That’s why I think she’s going to have a fierce baby daughter.

Jennifer Aniston: Looks like Jennifer Aniston is finally preggers! Inside sources have told the media that she’s wanted this for a long time, but could never find the right husband. Poor Jen, she’s always had everything, except a steady man in her life! And that’s why I think she finally gets one with her brand new baby boy.

Hillary Duff: Hillary Duff is all grown up, and now she’s having a baby! It seems like only yesterday we were watching her on Disney. Oh well. I had a tough time with Ms. Duff, until I heard that her pregnancy had her craving candy. We all know that that means. Girl!

Disagree with my predictions? Got some “inside juice” on your favorite celeb? Leave a comment!

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