Welcome to the Preble Post blog!

The Preble Picayune was a bi-weekly newspaper that served the people of Preble County, Ohio for over a century.  Just a few years ago, the Picayune was a flourishing publication, reaching almost 30,000 readers daily, but with the rise of the World Wide Web, circulation fell into a decline. By September 2009 only fourteen subscribers remained. The Picayune, like so many other local newspapers around the country, was forced to close its doors.

Though they mourned the loss of their beloved paper, the writers and editors of the Picayune were determined not to let this sad turn of events deprive Preble County of its voice. The staff, led by editor-in-chief Henry “Hank” Talmadge, decided to join the new wave of journalism. With the help of a friendly computer technician, they have created the “Preble Post”, the World Wide Web Blog you are currently reading.

The editors of the Preble Post hope you enjoy your tour of their website! And remember– “Every ending is a new beginning in disguise!!!”