The Preble County Pumpkin Festival is Right Around the Corner!

October 16, 2011 at 4:28 pm

It’s that time of year again– time for the Preble County Pumpkin Festival, which will be held this October 29th-30th.

The Pumpkin Festival traditionally features pumpkin carving, line dancing, ghost story telling, and a “monster mashup” of songs from Preble’s favorite a capella group, “Tone Fol de Rol”.

There’s also the Preble County Pumpkin Festival Scare Cave, which is a load of fun, unless you’re my oldest son, Zachary.

Last year, we took the whole family to see the “Scare Cave”. We were a little nervous about doing this, since Zachary can be a little “sensitive” at times, probably because he is so naturally imaginative.

Sure enough, not fifteen minutes into the trip, Zachary became separated from the rest of the tour group. You could have heard the screaming from Richmond, Illinois! When we finally found him, he was being consoled by a man with a Jack O’ Lantern mask.

Meanwhile, his little sister, Laurie (8 years old!!) was completely unfazed! What a little trooper she is! Our family is known for producing strong women.

Postscript: When I did the laundry that evening, I noticed that Zachary’s briefs were a little damp. Don’t think we’re going back to the Scare Cave this year (or if we are, we’re leaving Zachary at home)!

Love you, honey!!!

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