Bristol Palin is not a Homophobe

September 23, 2011 at 10:34 pm

In case you haven’t been “Palin’” attention to the media these past couple days, the entertainment blogs are all a- “Twitter” about Bristol Palin’s recent run in with a drunk person in a bar. In the video of the incident, which we won’t post because of some “PG-13” language, the budding starlet gets very upset when a man shouts mean things about her mother.

In the heat of the moment, Bristol said some off-color words about the man’s sexual orientation. Now people are accusing her of being a “homophobe.” Let’s hear Bristol’s side of the story, after the jump!

According to a top Bristol Palin representative, Bristol “was approached in a confrontational and inappropriate manner when two men aggressively shouted expletives aimed at her in reference to her mother. Bristol responded to the unprovoked verbal assault by calmly standing her ground and defending her family.”

This statement does a great job of clearing up the situation! While we don’t approve of Bristol’s choice of words, it’s completely understandable that she would want to stand up for her mother, who raised her, after all. Hopefully the “mainstream media” will be nicer to Bristol in the future.

What would you do if someone said mean things about your mother? Let us know in the comments!

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